SocialNightlife is a powerful tool for nightlife professionals and an innovative social networking solution for nightlife fans. I worked on a complete user interface overhaul for the SocialNightlife iPhone app.

iOS Application Design


  • Branding & Style Guide

  • Prototyping & Wireframing

  • Interface Design

  • Development Support

Brand & Styling

I designed a simple, clean type-based logo, and an extended style guide for the refreshed SocialNightlife iOS7 application. Styles needed to be generated for a range of different layout formats, menus, overlays and notification alerts.

SocialNightlife brand/identity.
Basic typography and colour palette.

iOS Application Design

The application is a social network that connects fans and professionals, the major part of the interface is focused around social activities like checking in at events, posting photos and connecting people with similar interests.

News feed and appearances streams.
App navigation and member card for event check-in.

The app is extensive with different areas, features and functionallity for fans, venues and profesional account types. Professional features include a Management Portal allowing venues and promotors to run offers, events and handle reservations. These seperated areas of the app needed different enviroments designed to allow users to recognize which setion of the app they were using.

Registering a Venue account.
The client management portal.

The Result

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