Aligner of perfect pixels & Builder of fine websites.

About Me

Mark Heggan

Growing up in a small town in Ireland many moons ago, I eventually found my way to my current location of Liverpool, UK, to study Software Engineering and immerse myself in the flourishing landscape of illustration, digital media and web design talent coming out of this creative city.

I quickly found my passion designing user interfaces and building websites, and now 14 years into my career I’ve held multiple design and front-end development positions within large organisations, agencies and teams. I have been a self-employed consultant since 2012.

Who I work with

I work with small-medium sized businesses and technology startups creating new, or reworking existing brands and product/service focused marketing websites. I also design smooth, clean and polished user interfaces for innovative companies, teams or individuals pushing the boundaries of technology and building advanced iOS and larger scale web apps.

I work remotely, which means I can optimise productivity and maximise availability when working on projects and collaborating with people in different time zones.

Process and Skills

I use a combination of static design mock-ups and responsive prototypes when working on web projects. Simplified prototypes are used to define content hierarchy, identify design constraints, and key areas of importance. They also help demonstrate responsive web design capabilities from the very start of the project.

I construct colour and typography based style guides for site elements, branding and content regions, which are then combined with the final page layouts bringing the overall experience together as a final product.

I'm experienced in:

  • Designing websites and user interfaces for iOS/web apps
  • Hand coding clean and efficient HTML and CSS (SASS)
  • Working with front-end build tools (Gulp, Grunt, etc…)
  • Designing with Sketch app & Adobe Creative Suite
  • Creating layout prototypes & wireframes
  • Using Back-end development technologies
  • Integrating web content management systems (Perch, WordPress, Drupal)

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Whether you’re an individual with an innovative app idea or an existing business launching a new product, I can help you tailor an effective, creative solution. If you think we would be a good match, please…

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